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VebaBox, the removable cooling solution.
Transforms every commercial (e-)vehicle into a refrigerated vehicle.

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The VebaBox is a removable cooling container for your (electric) commercial vehicle. With this, you can easily transform your commercial vehicle into a cooling (e-)vehicle, but without the high purchase and operating costs of a traditional or electric refrigerated truck. Our standard range can be found under the Economy Line models. If you have a specific requirement, we can create a custom-made VebaBox just for you: Custom Line. Each VebaBox can be used for transporting various goods, such as food, medicine, flowers, and other temperature-sensitive products.

Economy Line

VebaBox for the entire cargo space

VebaBox for half the cargo space

Custom Line

Multi-temperature VebaBox

VebaBox mobile cooling solution

Standard range

VebaBox Economy Line Cool and Freeze

Our VebaBox Economy Line models are our standard range, which have been customized to fit various (e-)vehicles. All VebaBoxes offer the same freezing or cooling quality. With the VebaBox Economy Line models, you can transform your commercial vehicle into a cooling (e-)vehicle within 1 day.

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Fully customized

VebaBox Custom Line Cool and Freeze

With our VebaBox Custom Line, we offer you a tailored freezing or cooling solution for various (e-)vehicles or logistical processes that align with your customer-specific requirements and preferences, such as dimensions, multiple temperature zones, temperature range, etc. Everything is possible!

Configure VebaBox

Multi-temperature VebaBox

The VebaBox Custom Line allows you to combine different temperatures between -20˚C and +25˚C, Freezing, cooling and ambient temperature possible in separate compartments. The Custom Line has temperature control on the cooling unit and can be powered by the 12V battery of a vehicle, 230V mains and ‘stand alone’ via a power pack. We can be brief about the rest: the Custom Line is tailor-made to suit your needs and wishes in order to optimise your logistics process. Anything is possible!

VebaBox mobile cooling solution

The VebaBox as a mobile cooling solution is always a Custom Line solution. The VebaBox can be tailor-made to fit your specific wishes and needs or process, whereby it can be fitted with a pallet support or with wheels as with a roll container. This way the mobile VebaBox can easily be moved in a process or taken in and out of a vehicle.

The perfect solution

Cooling solution for the entire cargo space, half or exactly how much you need.

The VebaBox is an active cooling container available in multiple standard versions and sizes (Economy Line), but also customizable to any size according to your own wishes and needs (Custom Line). If you don’t always transport products to fill the cargo space completely, you can also opt for a VebaBox that occupies only a portion of the cargo space. Placing a VebaBox near the side door or precisely where you need it also offers the possibility of transporting chilled and non-chilled products in a single transport. VebaBox, the innovative cooling solution for any vehicle!


FAQ about VebaBox

The VebaBox is a detachable cooling container which turns your conventional commercial vehicle into a cooling van. The VebaBox is installed without any modifications to the vehicle, leaving the vehicle in its original state. So you can convert your standard commercial vehicle into a cooling van with little effort. The VebaBox is available for all makes and models of commercial vehicles.

It only needs a 12V connection for the VebaBox in vehicle’s cargo space. The original battery and generator can remain in the vehicle. Some vehicles with an intelligent generator will require a special provision (DC/DC converter) for the VebaBox to function properly.

Every VebaBox can be completely adapted to your requirements, so shelves, stackable crates, cargo straps and drawers can be provided.

Yes, it is. We also offer dual-temperature and multi-temperature VebaBox solutions.