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VebaBox was founded in the Netherlands more than 40 years ago.

Veba was founded in Volkel, Netherlands, in November 1983. It started as an electronics automation company in the livestock farming sector. After a few years, Veba moved to Uden and changed the company to Veba Electronics.

In 1989, there was a demand for a solution for transporting artificial insemination for pig farms. So we developed a small cooled compressor box: the KI-box. In 1990, Veba Electronics was sold and the company continued as Veba Meditemp in Uden.

Since then, the concept of refrigerated transport solutions for various sectors has further developed and expanded, including the VebaBox concept.


VebaBox: more than 40 years of history

Below you will find a timeline of VebaBox’s history.

1983-1989 1989 1990-1997 1997 2002 2005-2007 2008 2008-2014 2015 2016 2017 2019 2020 2023 2024

Establishment of Veba with a focus on installation technology and automation of the livestock farming sector.

Development of an KI-box for refrigerated transport for artificial pig insemination between different farms.

Establishment of Veba under the name Veba Meditemp. At the time, the focus was mainly on the development and manufacture of temperature-controlled solutions for medical applications. This included small coolers for transporting organs, blood and high-quality medication.

Veba Meditemp was continuously looking for innovative cooling solutions for the medical industry. An innovative solution for temperature control of dialysis and infusion in people’s homes was developed for a global customer. The focus was on reliability, temperature accuracy and stability. During these years the devices were equipped with the first alarm registrations. This was unique at the time.

Pharma logistics created a demand for larger cooling capacity for commercial vehicles. With a larger cooling capacity and better cooling technology, Veba MediTemp could compete with refrigerated truck manufacturers. This is how the alternative of the refrigerated truck was born. Only works with a 12V connection to the vehicle’s battery, making this box easy to take with you to the next or other vehicle. This was the start of a new product in an existing market: “a large, removable cool box to replace a conventional refrigerated vehicle”.

The success of VebaBox grew steadily. It was decided to participate in major international trade fairs for transport and commercial vehicles, including the IAA in Germany. This cooling solution also had to be given a name, and because many existing customers called it a “VebaBox”, this also became the brand name of the product. The success was so great that the company had to be completely restructured, from a technical and development-oriented company to a production company.

Due to increasing growth, Veba Meditemp moved from De Linie in Uden to a new building on Jagersveld in Uden in 2008.

The company Veba Meditemp sold more and more VebaBoxes. The VebaBox brand gradually developed into a strong brand that was much better known than the company name Veba Meditemp. The brand name VebaBox was registered worldwide and patents were registered for the special techniques.

Veba Meditemp had grown into an international player with the VebaBox concept and supplied, among others, the Austrian postal service with VebaBoxes for 1,000 vehicles for medicine transport. Various European sales partnerships were also concluded for the sale of VebaBoxes in various countries. These developments meant that Veba Meditemp had to ensure that production had to be efficient and that this product had to be service-friendly.

The latter led to VebaBox developing a completely new and innovative cooling unit in 2015, which is still unique in the world to this day. We call this the TU, which stands for Thermal Unit. All cooling technology has been developed in one system, making it easy to service by replacing it in 5 minutes. This also makes it possible to produce the hull and the cooling unit at the same time, making the production and delivery time much more efficient. Together with the 12V connection on the vehicle, it has become a plug-and-play concept.

As a result of customer demand from the medical market, Vebabox has developed the Pharma module. This unit was able to regulate a 3.5Ton box truck to 15-25°C with very low energy consumption, a technology for which a patent has been granted.

After the first generation of Thermal Units came onto the market in 2015, we added new variants in 2017. This included a freezer unit and a new top unit for VebaBoxes with a volume of up to 6,000 liters. The first generation of Thermal Units was also modernized, making it applicable for a larger volume and at a higher ambient temperature.

As a result of extensive market research as well as customer feedback, VebaBox has started to focus on the future of the Cold Chain. We are fully convinced that the traditional Cold Chain is no longer sustainable for the future. With its innovations in the field of active and passive cooling, VebaBox has focused on solving complex customer issues and thus making their cold chain future-proof.

Introduction of a new freezer unit with very low energy consumption, which means it can also be used in smaller vans.

Move to Vluchtoord, Uden. Start-up production under own management.

New generation Thermal Unit TUC2001 has been introduced. Noise/energy consumption has been improved because controllers have been used, which ensure that the fans do not continuously run at maximum speed and cause a lot of noise. So if the ambient temperature is below 30 degrees, the fans will not run at full capacity. Temperature-controlled fans have now been used. This is much friendlier for the customer.

Introduction of ATP-certified VebaBoxes in the range of 650 – 2050 liters. The VebaBox range has been tested in Class A (ambient temperature -10°C and +30°C). This means that our dealers abroad can now also sell the VebaBoxes to customers who require an ATP certificate when transporting food products.


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